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Choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home is a decision that should take several factors into consideration. With energy efficiency more important than ever, select a system with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). Variable speed operation also plays a role in energy efficiency. Environmental-conscious consumers will want to look for systems that use refrigerants like R-410A. Selecting an air conditioning system that incorporates these elements is a decision that will pay off when you receive your monthly electric bills. Air Pro Inc. can help you with these decisions.

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Boilers are one of the most common home heating systems available, especially within older homes in cold-weather areas. Primarily used for heating, some combination boiler systems can also provide heating to both hot water and air. They are a wise investment for any home, and advances in HVAC technology have made them more efficient than ever. Whether you have an existing boiler at home that needs to be replaced or you are interested in the system for your new construction, we can help. Contact Air Pro Inc. today.

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Whole-home ventilators are an important addition to any residential climate control system. These units exchange stale air for fresh, incoming air, and the most efficient systems will do so without causing strain to your existing HVAC units. Home ventilators are an excellent investment for allergy sufferers or for homeowners who want to remove dust, pollutants, and odors from their space.  Even better – you can enjoy these great benefits without paying a fortune in utility costs. Once you determine what type of ventilator your home will need, you will need to select the right size. These systems are sized based on the square footage of a property and are measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Contact Air Pro Inc. to learn more and to find the system that is right for your home.