Preventive Maintenance

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your comfort system. We also offer annual service agreements, which can reduce the cost of a Performance Tune-Up.

Regular maintenance will:

  • Provide longer lasting equipment
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Reduce repairs
  • Provide a more comfortable indoor environment
  • Protect your investment

What we do during a Performance Tune-Up:

Performance Furnace Tune-Up

  • Removing and cleaning flame sensor
  • Inspecting burners
  • Inspecting blower
  • Inspecting drains, as well as cleaning them if needed
  • A gas pressure check and adjust
  • A carbon monoxide test
  • A standard filter replacement or washing
  • Flue vent and intake air inspection
  • Running equipment and checking for smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Burner cleaning as needed
  • Heat exchanger inspection with use of infrared inspection camera
  • Thermostat function and calibration check
  • Temperature check and airflow check

Performance Air Conditioner Tune-Up

  • Washing or replacing standard air filter
  • Washing the condensing coil outside
  • Inspection of evaporator coil (as accessible)
  • Tightening of all electrical connections in the outdoor/indoor unit
  • Amp draw and voltage checks
  • Refrigerant level and temperature checks
  • Super heat sub-cooling check
  • Thermostat function and calibration check
  • Overall condition and efficiency status
  • Motor inspection, condenser and air handler
  • Clean condensate drain and inspect for leaks (as accessible)
  • Temperature check and airflow check
  • Inspection of all indoor air quality products

Performance Evaporative Cooler Tune-Up

  • Cleaning pan, pump, distributions system
  • Adjusting belt and amp draw
  • Lubrication of all bearings and motors
  • Setting of the float
  • Removal or placement of dampers needed for operation
  • Shutting system down includes covering and putting in dampers (if provided by customer), and draining the water in pan and line

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