Service Agreements & Warranties

HVAC equipment wear and tear cannot be prevented, but there are ways to ensure your heating and cooling units function like they’re supposed to for as long as possible. When you invest in our service agreements, you’ll be getting:

Warranty Services

  • Two Performance Tune-Ups Per Year – Air Pro Inc. stays on top of your HVAC woes by providing not just one, but two regular check-ups per year. These tune-ups will help you save on your utility bills in the long run by keeping your heating and cooling units working efficiently.
  • Priority Service – A skilled technician will be at your door within 48 hours of scheduling a service appointment. Now THAT’S excellent customer care!
  • Labor Warranty – We stand behind our work, which is why all of our labor services have 30-day warranties. Should you encounter any issues within 30 days of a certain service, repair diagnosis will cost you no additional fees or charges.
  • Energy-Saving Coil Cleaning – Air Pro Inc. takes everything into account, right down to the small details such as dirty coils, which can considerably reduce the performance and efficiency of HVAC equipment.
  • 10% Off Repair Labor & Replacement Parts – We strive to offer our products and services at a reasonable price while still providing excellent workmanship. Our discounted rates are part of our commitment to quality service that won’t break the bank.
  • Extended Warranties – Manage your ongoing operation costs by utilizing our extended warranties for equipment and labor. Our specialists will be more than happy to discuss your extended warranty options with you.

Contact Us for Reliable Heating & Cooling

Your HVAC equipment is susceptible to wear and tear, even with the best heating and cooling maintenance. This is why Air Pro Inc. offers comprehensive service agreements and labor warranties. This way, you get heating and air conditioning when you need it. Choose Air Pro Inc. as your go-to HVAC company in Albuquerque. Call us today at (505) 224-2806 to learn more about our service agreements and warranties.